About us

5“Ta-Na” Marketing & Services in Shipping was founded in February 1991 as one of the very first private crew-manning company in former Yugoslavia. Through hard and professional work we have become well known crew-manning company in Croatia, Slovenia & Yugoslavia ( Monte Negro). Our attitude has enabled us to have on disposal top class, competent, professional officers of all ranks only.


We are very proud to be exclusive agent for manning of KGJS/GB vessels as from 1991. Many of our officers who have joined KGJS/GB as junior officers are already experienced KGJS/GB masters and chief engineers.


There is always room for improvement. All suggestions are the most welcomed.


Office staff

Ms. Nataša Božić - Director

Vedran Čerber - Manager HR

Dragutin Jelovčić - Crewing Officer

Igor Oruč – Crewing Officer

Ms. Katarina Stelmah - Accounting